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The Reshoring Initiative is an organization dedicated to spreading the message of returning manufacturing jobs back to the United States. They release an electronic newsletter 6 times through out the year informing people about the recent news in reshoring. Below are three or the most recent article they’ve shared.

Trump’s Trade Wars Winning for America

Alan Tonelson, a columnist for IndustryToday wrote that, according to the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey, “Many more companies that reported net negative impacts from tariffs were responding by replacing imports with domestic production, not with non-tariffed foreign products. The sample size here is small (46 firms), but 17.4% said they were mitigating the tariff damage by finding new domestic suppliers and another 17.4% were bringing production or processes back in house. Only 10.9% said they were finding new foreign suppliers.”

3D Printing May Disrupt Ports and Reduce U.S. Imports from China, Says Fitch Ratings

In this article, Patrick Burnson offers some interesting foresight into the world of 3D printing. He claims that the rise of 3D printing could decrease global trade, reducing imports from China by 10-25%. He also states that as 3D printing becomes more economically attainable, mass production via 3D printing could be a feasible option for manufacturing parts. This new manufacturing option could shorten supply chains to a more local level thus reducing transportation costs as a result. Finally he affirms that, according to Fitch Ratings, the majority of U.S. imports from China are products that are now well suited for 3D printing thanks to recent advancements in 3D printing technology 

How Total Landed Costs Impact Your Bottom Line

In this Thomasnet Insights article, Marilyn Gettinger helps explains the cost impacts that arise from the Incoterms, the International Commercial Terms and the CBP, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. She describes the difference between Total Landed Cost and total cost of ownership and how the latter can be much more comprehensible and understandable.

To learn more about return of manufacturing jobs to the U.S., consider signing up for the Reshoring Initiative’s Newsletter here.


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According to users of, sourcing activity for Design Engineering Services has been 14 percent above the average for 12 weeks. In addition to that, other related categories like Prototype and Reverse Engineering Services are both up 15% month-over-month 

Finding skilled design engineers and other talent has been an increasingly hard task that many manufacturing companies are struggling with. According to a study done by, engineering jobs are the hardest jobs to fill and on average take the longest to fill, taking 62 days for engineering jobs and only 47 days for other jobs. Because design engineers are in short supply, this time can be drastically higher for the manufacturing industry.

After looking at the facts, it makes sense why the data from is showing a growing number of companies are looking towards third-party engineering service companies to outsource their design work. The talent offered by most turnkey service companies is more often then not very reliable, however at some point our government leaders and US manufacturing companies are going to have to get together to address this growing problem facing the industry.

A short-term solution to this growing issue would be the support and advancement of apprenticeships and tradeschool, however a more long-term solution would require more work. Since most engineering jobs require a college degree, we need to focus on High school student to try and encourage them to pursue degrees in engineering by offering them incentive and opportunities to reach for these high paying, rewarding jobs. If we can attract more young people, especially more girls to these engineering fields than we would be able to fill those jobs a lot faster.

Below are the top ten service categories according to

  1. CNC Machining
  2. Lumber
  3. Printed Circuit Boards
  4. Steel
  5. Plastic Injection Molding Services
  6. Packaging
  7. Nutritional Supplement & Vitamin Contract Manufacturing
  8. Corrugated Boxes
  9. Plastics
  10. Non-Destructive Testing Services

In an effort to raise road safety, a new prototype for an airless tire was produced by Michelin, an automotive tire company in partnership with General Motors.

The prototype, called Uptis needs to be tested and approved before they become commercially available.  We expect to see them on models in 2024 at the earliest.  The partnership has plans to test the Uptis in Michigan on the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle within the year.

The Uptis prototype was created with two main objectives in mind. The first was to give the drivers of the road another layer of safety by eradicating the chance of flat tires or blowouts. The second was to reduce environmental harm by limiting the need for replacement or spare tires.

Uptis was first revealed in 2017 as Vision. The project hoped to develop the mobility of the future that would incorporate features like airless, 3D printed and renewable or bio sourced materials 

According to Michelin, the airless tires can work with all types of vehicles from autonomous self driving cars to all electric cars and many other applications.

The composite material that the tires are made of and the architecture removes the need for compressed air so the tires have an almost non-existent level of maintenance. There are around 200 million tires that are thrown away annually due to flat tires or penetrations from road hazards. Uptis removes the need to replace these 200 million tires, helping the environment by saving the raw materials used to make spare tires.


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The manufacturing industry business conditions continue to improve and the outlook remains positive. US Manufacturing reports from March show increased factory activity for the fifth straight month with factories expanding despite a strong U.S. dollar, which makes American products more expensive in overseas markets. They also have recovered from big cutbacks in the energy industry, which reflected low oil prices. Factory orders were up 5.5 percent from a year ago  with total shipments of manufactured goods increased 0.2 percent after surging 2.5 percent in December.  Manufacturing, which accounts for about 12 percent of the U.S. economy, is regaining its footing after being buffeted by lower oil prices and a strong dollar. The truly successful companies know that to be successful, outsourcing deployments require finding the right partner. Enser’s extensive experience as a leading engineering services company uniquely positions us to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions. ENSER can provide integrated solutions from the best tooling solutions and custom developed equipment & machines, to test and measurement devices, to prototyping, component and part fabrication, we deliver cost effective solutions reliably.

Custom Machine, Tooling and Build Services
  • Enser brings leading reliability in both Custom Design and Build to Print services to increased factory activity.
  • From our experience we have developed a completely USA based fabrication program that takes the unknown out of off-shore manufacturing.
  • Using our Quality Process to increase factory activity that has been developed over the past 70 years, we enable our customers to meet their “time to market schedules” 
  • We utilize local staff to provide a constant interface to our clients and ensure our manufacturing and quality team clearly understands the requirements and scope of the engagement.

Services offered out of our Engineering and Technology Development Centers include:
    • Systems Engineering
    • Design validation
      Systems Integration
    • Software & Controls Development
    • Prototyping
    • Fabrication
    • Tooling and Fixtures
    • Test Systems
    • System test and Debug

    • From the Engineering and Design of your product to the manufacturing, tooling and testing, to supporting your process engineering, Enser can deliver superior cutting-edge solutions to increased factory activity. Since 1947, Enser’s reputation has been built on the quality of service and firmly believe long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. Call us today (877) 367-3770 to schedule a visit to discuss the options available for your specific needs.


Chances are you have identified a process or system that is preventing you to increase efficiency, causing delayed projects and reduced productivity. But what do you do? Who do you call to help you solve a complex engineering problem while increasing productivity and profitability? Our client had a unique need for a next generation testing system to test multiple hoist units (of various types and specifications) with minimum change over. This requirement presented a remarkable challenge that just added to each project’s timeline and budget. ENSER Corp’s engineering team implemented design solutions for the Universal Automatic Test System (UATS) capable of testing the functionality across 38 different configurations. The test devices contain an automatic unit identification and universal loading system, control software with embedded acceptance procedures and operational safety limits.


Press Releases
Enser_CDT_Press Release_ENSERltrhd_010413

Cinnaminson, NJ January 4, 2013 – ENSER Corporation, a 65-year-old engineering services company, is proud to announce that CDT, a Platinum Value Added Reseller of PTC® has acquired ENSER’s PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), the Product Development Company, Value Added Reseller (VAR) for MCAD/Windchill sales, training and services business.

This acquisition allows CDT to more effectively service ENSER’s existing PTC customers, while ENSER continues its focus on the Engineering Services market by providing engineering, staffing and fabrication services. The synergy of the two companies offers to the PTC engineering community a strong, stable relationship built upon both company’s reputations for stellar client service.

“We are very excited the acquisition,” said TJ Dial, Director-CDT. “They have a proven track record of offering premium engineering services and PTC products to enable clients to meet their product development goals. This acquisition will be a key driver of our growth path to representing PTC across the United States and offering best-fit solutions to our esteemed clients.”

“This acquisition enables ENSER to re-invest in its core engineering and contract staffing divisions,” explained Marco Arnone, President, ENSER Corporation. “With more and more of our clients bringing back to United States, or “re-shoring,” their engineering and design, we look forward to building ENSER into one of the premier engineering services companies in the country.”

CDT was acquired in February 2012 by Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc., a $1.6 billion diversified global supplier of manufacturing technology and services across a broad spectrum of industries. This merger makes CDT the largest company in the PTC Reseller Channel with expanded capabilities to offer world-class engineering and enterprise solutions. By leveraging the vast resources of the Barry-Wehmiller family of companies, CDT is now positioned to offer clients comprehensive solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve ‘time-to-market.’

“The acquisition reiterates the strong foundation in engineering and manufacturing that Barry-Wehmiller and ENSER share,” explained Jim Webb, VP of PTC Product Group and PLM for Barry-Wehmiller International Resources. “In today’s economy, companies are looking to bring efficiencies in their new product design, manufacturing and production through tight integration of their CAD, ERP and PLM systems. Our synergy with ENSER will further strengthen CDT’s expertise to offer comprehensive, cutting edge solutions to engineering and manufacturing clients across diverse industry segments.”


For more than 65 years, ENSER Corporation has been one of the premier providers of engineering and project management solutions offering unparalleled expertise and commitment. ENSER provides support throughout the engineering, design and build cycle. ENSER’s extensive experience as a leading engineering services company uniquely positions them to provide the best and most cost-effective solution. Further information on ENSER is available here.

About CDT

CDT provides products and services to meet the rapidly changing landscape of product development, product lifecycle management (PLM), and global project collaboration. As a “total solutions” provider, CDT offers the full-line of PTC software products together with a comprehensive suite of services including implementation, training and core engineering services. CDT is “National Reseller” for PTC spanning the entire United States and with offices globally. CDT has a unique perspective on manufacturing with more than 100 years of manufacturing technology experience from Barry-Wehmiller. For more information, go to

About PTC

PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC) develops, markets, and supports software solutions that help manufacturers win with superior products. PTC is the world’s largest software company with a total commitment to product development. The company services more than 33,000 customers worldwide. Further information on PTC is available at


Press Releases

Enser Corporation, a 59-year-old engineering services company, announced today that it has achieved Platinum Status, the highest level within the PTC Channel Advantage Program. Enser has developed over the last three years to become one of the top East Coast Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners in PTC’s Channel Advantage Program. In addition to selling and servicing PTC MCAD solutions, Enser is one of the few program members to earn the Windchill® Preferred Service Provider status in the country and is certified for Windchill Product Life Cycle sales and implementations.

Cinnaminson, NJ (PRWEB) October 26, 2006 — Enser Corporation, a 59-year-old engineering services company, announced today that it has achieved Platinum Status, the highest level within the PTC Channel Advantage Program. Enser has developed over the last three years to become one of the top East Coast Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners in PTC’s Channel Advantage Program. In addition to selling and servicing PTC MCAD solutions, Enser is one of the few program members to earn the Windchill® Preferred Service Provider status in the country and is certified for Windchill Product Life Cycle sales and implementations.

Enser maintains an ongoing commitment to ensure their clients’ investment in PTC solutions delivers value today and into the future. Enser provides practical knowledge, as well as advanced applications gained from 15 years of “hands on” experience with the entire PTC Pro/ENGINEER® and Windchill suite of solutions and services. The companies’ total solutions approach extends beyond the software sales and customer implementation cycle. As the largest VAR User of Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill with more than 42 seats, Enser is recognized as an industry leader in product knowledge, expertise and understanding of the technology to provide the right solution to its customers.

“Enser has continued to make great investments into the PTC Channel Advantage program and customer community. They have attained the highest status within the program and have proven their expertise around the complete PTC Product Development System,” said Corey Pratte, director, channel programs and development, PTC.

“ENSER is proud to achieve this Platinum Status in the PTC Channel Advantage Program,” said Marco Arnone, executive vice president and general manager, Enser Corporation. “Today’s announcement confirms our dedication and commitment to PTC’s product development system vision and technology solutions and to delivering value to our clients to ensure their continued success as we expand our business.”


Since 1947, ENSER has offered its clients unparalleled expertise, service, and commitment in engineering services. During the past 59 years, ENSER has evolved into a first class engineering services company and PTC Platinum Authorized Reseller, providing the complete engineering solution; from CAD/CAM/CAE to engineering and product design to manufacturing and tooling: a complete turnkey solution. With our resources and experience, ENSER will provide the product development support you need throughout the engineering, design, and documentation cycle.

Further information on ENSER is available here.


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