March 20, 2023

ENSER Continues Reducing Carbon Footprint

As a top engineering firm in New Jersey, ENSER is focused on technology that can be used to reduce carbon output and allow property owners to become energy independent. In addition to being mindful of the environment when creating a design, ENSER continues to improve their own properties to make them economically sustainable.
March 6, 2023

Marco Arnone Recognized as one of Temple University’s Top 50 Engineers of the Last 50 years

Marco Arnone, President of ENSER Corp, is recoginized by Temple University College of Engineering as one of the 50 Great Engineers of the past 50 years.
December 8, 2022

ENSER is recognized as one of the Top 250 Private Companies by in its Book of Leaders

The companies featured in the Book of Lists are the movers and shakers in their industries, which range from health care to real estate to finance to advertising, and more. They are raising the bar, setting trends and paving the way for others. These companies have worked hard to be ranked among the top 25 in their industry list.
September 26, 2022

Five Decades-Long Partnership with Siemens Energy Delivers Innovative Engineering Solutions

Westinghouse Power Generation was a manufacturer of turbines, generators, motors, and switch gears with several locations in the US.
May 5, 2022

Enser congratulates its President, Marco Arnone, on his 40-year work anniversary with the company

Marco started his career at Enser in 1982 as an office assistant, helping in various departments as necessary and learning about the business from its founders and other long-time employees.
September 21, 2021

ENSER is Ranked a Top Emerging Prototype Engineering Services Company in 2021

ENSER is a leading provider of specialized engineering solutions to several energy, healthcare, automotive, aviation, paper and defense manufacturers.
September 13, 2021

Enser’s founder Mario Arnone passed away at the age of 87

Mario Arnone, Enser's founder, has passed away on 9/10/21, he was 87 years old.
September 1, 2020

ENSER Tasked to Support OEM’s Need to Increase Medical PPE Materials Production to Meet Demand

ENSER tasked to support OEM's need to increase medical PPE materials production to meet demand
August 18, 2020

Who We Are

Our goal is to create a strong synergy with our customers to ensure their success. We provide engineering services, manufacturing, and engineering staffing solutions.
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