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The Best of the Engineering Staffing Agencies

Enser is an engineering company that can be your engineering staffing agency. How so? Well, we have delivered design and tooling services for over 70 years. Also, we are owned and operated by engineers. Additionally, we offer engineering services to a wide array of industries. So naturally, we are the best option to connect companies to quality engineering candidates! We can help you finding the next product engineer, to hunting down a gear expert. We are head and shoulders above other engineering staffing agencies. From San Antonio, to Philadelphia, to Minneapolis, if you have a need, we are here to help provide technical professionals.

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How We Became a Top Engineering Temp Agency 
32 years of experience crafting the perfect workforce solution for engineers does not come easy. Providing you the best talent does. From a drafter for medical device products, to industrial engineering project managers, we've got you covered.
In the 1980's many of Enser's customers needed staffing support. Because of this, we opened up a recruiting business. First, we would work on engineering projects. Then, we would help find engineers to work on the projects. Ever since, we have been the only real engineering temp agency providing the best candidate for the right fit. By this, we mean that we have been around the block. We have engineering experience in aerospace engineering. We have manufactured for the medical industry. There are plenty of regulations, certifications and niche experience in this industry. We are the best suited to help you find qualified candidates. So allow us to be your long term workforce solution. Allow us to be your engineering recruiters.

Quality Candidates Across All Functions

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Aerospace Engineers 
Industrial Engineers 
Controls Engineers 
Electrical Engineers 
Manufacturing Engineers 
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Designers / Drafters 
Product Engineers 
Management and Leadership 

Have a Contracting Need?

The engineering industry is an increasingly competitive market, adopting the latest technologies, development operations and innovative techniques. In this ever-changing industry, organizations around the world must seek out top engineering talent with the specific technical expertise to help advance their business goals. Enser is a great company to help you connect with qualified professionals that have the experience you need. Our flexibility and commitment to customized solutions is unsurpassed. Enser has carefully designed an array of service offerings to meet the individual needs of our clients. Clients can expect a great experience with a vast knowledge of all engineering disciplines. Now comes the decision: contract, or contract to direct placement services?

What is better for you?

Contract or Direct?

Today, companies are understandably concerned about the opportunities missed by being understaffed.Many of these companies turn to engineering staffing agencies. To manage fixed costs effectively, you can hire highly skilled engineering professionals from Enser in two different ways. This flexible approach allows you to add engineering talent to your team with confidence, so that you have the staff you need for the growth you want to achieve.

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Add to your long term staff on a project basis. This flexible staffing solution is ideal for positions or projects where ongoing productivity is essential.

Contract to Direct

Quickly staff a vacant position with the option to hire full time. This staffing solution is ideal when you want to assess fit before you make a hiring decision.


You may have a partnership with other mechanical engineer recruiters. But maybe it is time to use an actual engineering staffing agency to serve your temp needs. After all, we are the experts. So buckle up for a great experience.

Job Seekers

Stand above the passive candidates. Candidates can expect treatment that their resumes boast, along with professional expertise in exactly what they may be looking for. View our job board below or contact us directly for opportunities!


Enser’s technical staffing is the oldest of all specialized engineering staffing agencies. Also, our 32 years of wide industry experience helps us staff many different positions. We primarily work on temp and contract to hire jobs.


Other engineering staffing agencies have got nothing on our 72 years of direct engineering experience. It is the our leg up on the competition. Our company culture still centers around engineering principles.

Engineers Vetting Your Candidates
Enser is the oldest of the mechanical engineering temp agencies. However, what makes us different from other staffing firms is that we are primarily an engineering company – meaning we know what we are talking about. Because of this, our temporary engineering staffing solutions connect highly skilled professionals with the best companies. We take pride in understanding an organization’s needs and specifications and fulfilling those requirements with skilled temporary engineering professionals. The job candidates we represent are interviewed, and their work history is reviewed by our engineers before we make introductions. We work with many different positions, including Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Controls Engineers, Product Engineer, System Engineers, Software Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Tooling Engineers and much more.

Looking to be an Engineering Contractor? 

Looking for a job in the field of engineering? Consider becoming a Contract Engineer for us here at ENSER’s recruiting service. Not only will you be able to find a job more quickly, but you’ll also earn a lot of valuable experience from varying projects that will look great on your resume. By filling these temporary positions, you can explore the country and find what companies or industries fit your specific needs and interests and in some cases, a temporary contract could even lead to a full-time hire. You can choose either contract or contract to direct placement services.

Are you considering applying to be one of our engineering contractors? Simply fill out the form to the right, attach your resume and wait for one of our recruiters to respond. You can expect a response within one to two business days of submission.
After submitting your resume, one of our recruiters will be in touch with you to begin the screening process. During the screening process, the recruiter will verify your experience and skills to asses if you would be right for our program and our clients.
Once you are verified by one of our recruiters, we will try to place you into a position that fits your specific skills. You may need to wait for an opportunity to arise if our current positions don’t fit your skill set. Once we have found a suitable opportunity, we will contact you.

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