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September 26, 2022

Five Decades-Long Partnership with Siemens Energy Delivers Innovative Engineering Solutions

Westinghouse Power Generation was a manufacturer of turbines, generators, motors, and switch gears with several locations in the US. Westinghouse had two large factories in the 70s, the Turbine plant in Lester, PA, and the Generator plant in East Pittsburgh, PA. The Lester plant first closed in the early 80s, and East Pittsburgh followed in the late 80s. Click here to view an original Lester Manufacturing Facilities magazine from 1983, an authentic piece of Westinghouse history.
September 12, 2022

Staffing your engineering team just got easier

When you need engineering talent , you need an agency that genuinely understands your needs, and who better to help than one run by engineers? Our recruitment services provide skilled Engineers, Designers, Technicians, or other engineering support to help companies overcome the challenges associated with workload surges, temporary projects, short-term engineering gaps, and unfilled positions. Worrying about missed opportunities because of being understaffed can become a thing of the past.
May 31, 2022

An Engineering Shortage is Impacting the Industry

A global shortage of engineers across many industries could lead to a potential loss of $454 billion US dollars in the United States alone.
April 22, 2021

Navigating Engineering Staffing and Services in the Post Pandemic World

As the economy continues to gain steam, baby boomers retire, unemployment rates fall, and pandemic uncertainties remain, ENSER has never seen a more challenging market for job recruiting. […]
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