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6th Annual Team Arnone Wage Hope PurpleStride 2017. We lost our president and friend to pancreatic cancer in 2010. Since 2007, through fundraisers and corporate donations, we have raised over $145,000 in support of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to fight this terrible disease that affects over 50,000 people annually. This is a cause that’s dear to all of us at Enser and we proudly support this and other events throughout the year. Please joins at the Emerald Ballroom in Philadelphia to Wage Hope.



The manufacturing industry business conditions continue to improve and the outlook remains positive. US Manufacturing reports from March show activity increased for the fifth straight month with factories expanding despite a strong U.S. dollar, which makes American products more expensive in overseas markets. They also have recovered from big cutbacks in the energy industry, which reflected low oil prices. Factory orders were up 5.5 percent from a year ago  with total shipments of manufactured goods increased 0.2 percent after surging 2.5 percent in December.  Manufacturing, which accounts for about 12 percent of the U.S. economy, is regaining its footing after being buffeted by lower oil prices and a strong dollar. The truly successful companies know that to be successful, outsourcing deployments require finding the right partner. Enser’s extensive experience as a leading engineering services company uniquely positions us to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions. ENSER can provide integrated solutions from the best tooling solutions and custom developed equipment & machines, to test and measurement devices, to prototyping, component and part fabrication, we deliver cost effective solutions reliably.

Custom Machine, Tooling and Build Services
  • Enser brings leading reliability in both Custom Design and Build to Print services.
  • From our experience we have developed a completely USA based fabrication program that takes the unknown out of off-shore manufacturing.
  • Using our Quality Process that has been developed over the past 70 years, we enable our customers to meet their “time to market schedules”
  • We utilize local staff to provide a constant interface to our clients and ensure our manufacturing and quality team clearly understands the requirements and scope of the engagement.

Services offered out of our Engineering and Technology Development Centers include:
  • Systems Engineering
  • Design validation
    Systems Integration
  • Software & Controls Development
  • Prototyping
  • Fabrication
  • Tooling and Fixtures
  • Test Systems
  • System test and Debug

  • From the Engineering and Design of your product to the manufacturing, tooling and testing, to supporting your process engineering, Enser can deliver superior cutting-edge solutions. Since 1947, Enser’s reputation has been built on the quality of service and firmly believe long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. Call us today (877) 367-3770 to schedule a visit to discuss the options available for your specific needs.

It’s 1947, the first transistor had just been created and an imaginable change was about to take place.  In that same year, Ferrari would book its first grand prix victory. 1947 also marks the year ENSER was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as an ENgineering SERvices company designing jigs, fixtures, gauges, dies, and special machines. In 70 years, Ferrari has become the winningest grand prix team of all time, and the transistor paved the electronic way for the advancement of computers, forever changing the way business is conducted. How much has your industry, and your own organization, changed in the last 70 years?  Can you imagine your organization without CAD/CAM tools, product lifecycle management systems, e-mail and virtual private networks? ENSER has evolved from drafting tables and manual delivery of blueprints, to employing cutting edge CAD/CAM tools, product lifecycle management systems, tying to our customers’ projects resources and CAD libraries with secure virtual private networks to prototyping using 3D printers.  Through engineering, design and staffing services, ENSER and its customers create the synergy needed to stay competitive in today’s economy. In seven decades, we have adapted not only to emerging technologies but also to business and economic trends such as downsizing, rightsizing, offshoring, reshoring, diversity and generational changes and the effects they have on human resources, deliverables and profitability. Last year, we rebranded our staffing division into EngineeringTemp.com, the first specialized engineering staffing service for engineering, controls and system professionals.  We take pride in understanding an organization’s unique needs and specifications, fulfilling those requirements with skilled temporary engineering professionals. While both Bell Labs and Ferrari have changed ownership in 70 years, ENSER has remained a privately held company. ENSER moved to its current Cinnaminson, New Jersey, headquarters in 1972 and later that decade ENSER opened its Florida and North Carolina offices. Our reputation has been built on the quality of service we provide and the ability to deliver superior cutting-edge solutions. ENSER was featured in Business News New Jersey as a Top 40 New Jersey Finest companies. We firmly believe that long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success, and we are committed to superior quality and service. That philosophy will always be the standard basis for our success. A testament to this long term vision is our support of Siemens (Westinghouse) for 50 years and DuPont for 35 years respectively. Whether you are looking to stay competitive in today’s changing business environment, are looking ahead for the next year, or the next 10, know that you can count on the expertise of a company that has been helping companies, like yours, with engineering and staffing services since 1947.

A message from Marco Arnone, President of ENSER.
As 2017 gets underway, US economic indicators show our economy poised for growth. As a proud sponsor of the American Made Matters organization for many years, the tide continues to turn for manufacturing job growth in the US. Five Key Topics For Manufacturing Job Growth in 2017:

  • 1)    Trade – renegotiating NAFTA and TPP
  • 2)    Regulation – reduction of regulations
  • 3)    Taxes – tax reduction of corporate tax rate
  • 4)    Infrastructure – significant infrastructure investments over the next 10 years
  • 5)    Military Spending – proposed increase in military spending

There is still a lot of uncertainty but we at Enser remain hopeful that 2017 and beyond will be prosperous for all US based companies. What are your company’s plans for 2017, what growth and capital programs are on your horizon?  As your need arises, please don’t hesitate to contact a representative to develop an engineering solution to address your workforce challenge either by out sourcing to our engineering division or with contract engineers on site at your facility through EngineeringTemp.com (an ENSER company). Our mission is to develop truly innovative and revolutionary solutions within our industry. We firmly believe that long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success, and we are committed to superior quality and service. That commitment will always be the standard basis for our success. Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


Marco Arnone President

To all,   Thank you for attending and/or donating to the 5th Annual Team Arnone Benefit Dinner and walking the PurpleStride Philadelphia to raise funds and awareness for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is a nationwide network of people dedicated to working together to advance research, support patients and create hope for those affected by pancreatic cancer.  We hope you had a good time supporting a great cause.  With your help, we raised over $21,000 this year in support of Team Arnone in the PurpleStride Philadelphia Walk 2016.  Since 2007, and with this year’s donation, Team Arnone will have donated well over $145,000  for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Thank you again for your participation and support. You have helped us make great strides in the fight against pancreatic cancer, bringing us closer to achieving our goal of doubling pancreatic cancer survival by 2020. Thank you for coming out to Wage Hope with us. Sincerely, Team Arnone pancan-2016