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Flip Jig Fixture

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Customer had limited production circuit boards which were being assembled and soldered free hand or with crude clamping and holding mock ups. Results were poor quality and low production output.


Flip Jigs and Holding Fixtures to be used for Circuit Board Solder & Assembly


Enser was tasked with developing tooling and fixtures that required multiple wires and solder connections be made on a single board without interfering with each other during the process. Fixture had to limit the number of tooling moves per process to reduce operator fatigue. Operation might be performed by medium skill level personnel so simplicity of operation had to be met.  Minimum production quantities must be maintained without need to stop and clean solder splash from fixture.


Enser designed and built a series of custom flip jigs that allowed all soldering and wired connections be completed in a single fixture. Product assembly defects were reduced by 80% and production was increase by 150%.

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