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American Made Matters® is an organization dedicated to educating consumers on the powerful importance of buying made in USA products. The standards of American Made Matters® (AMM) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for origin claims are different.

Creating Opportunity Back at Home

In today’s competitive marketplace, the risks for offshoring engineering, manufacturing & design projects can be great. American companies often don’t consider all costs involved when sending their projects offshore, costs that include inventory costs, duty and freight carrying costs, traveling costs to check projects, and increasing labor and energy cost. More important, companies need to realize costs are soaring, Intellectual Property (IP) can be stolen, and there is a longer time to market. American companies that are undecided on whether or not to manufacture in the US or overseas, are asking questions on what decision would be right for them? Our answer is simple: We believe in Keeping America Strong. We believe that America is still the strongest place for engineering, manufacturing and design and that the benefits with Reshoring your company’s needs have more significant benefits than not.



Better and more reliable manufacturing services

A larger base of unemployed workers to staff your company

Helping to rebuild the US economy, creating new American consumers

Better PR among consumers who disapprove of offshoring

Far cheaper transportation costs

Easier oversight of the manufacturing process

No language barrier to contend with

No significant time zone-related difficulties

What We Are Doing

American made matters and bringing projects back to the US is not only about a company’s business model, it’s also about growing American jobs, rebuilding our communities, and ultimately making America a better place. Right now, any way you look at manufacturing and the economy, you’ll see positive signs that Reshoring is on the rise for the US. Click Here to learn more about the movement.

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