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Enser’s extensive experience as a leading engineering services company uniquely positions us to provide the best and most cost-effective solution. With over 70 years of industry experience offering engineering and project management solutions, we confidently support your programs and requirements with professionals from our Engineering and Technology Development Centers.

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Since 1947, Enser’s reputation has been built on the quality of service we provide and the ability to deliver superior cutting-edge solutions.

Previous Projects

NSER Corp - Engineering Services - Power Rollers

Power Rollers for 300-ton Generator

Fixtures and Tools - ENSER Corp - Engineering Services

Fixtures and Tools Gas Turbine Industry

Counter Flow Wet VAT Replacement Project

Paper mills are gaining a competitive advantage by replacing older style counter flow wet vat machines with units designed by Enser and Multipli.

Hoist Universal Automatic Test System design solutions by ENSER engineering services since 1947

Hoist Testing System

FEA Analysis

FEA Analysis | Finite Element Analysis

A series of service cabinets and other equipment were targeted for review when hoisted overhead. The various units were measured in the field and modeled in PTC’s Wildfire 5.0. Lifting and loading conditions were simulated using PTC’s Mechanica FEA software. Reports were prepared for each unit identifying acceptable performance, failing performance and possible solutions for increasing performance to meet requirements. Failing units were reviewed for potential design solutions for improving each to meet safety requirements.

Flip Jig Fixture

Flip Jig Fixture

Background:Customer had limited production circuit boards which were being assembled and soldered free hand or with crude clamping and holding mock ups. Results were poor quality and low production output.ProductFlip Jigs and Holding Fixtures to be used for Circuit Board Solder & AssemblyScopeEnser was tasked with developing tooling and fixtures that required multiple wires and solder connections be made on a single board without interfering with each other during the process. Fixture had to limit the number of tooling moves per process to reduce operator fatigue. Operation might be performedSEE DETAILS

250 TON Turn Down Fixture

250 TON Turn Down Fixture

Background:Enser was tasked with design and build a fixture to lift and turn down a fully assembled stator housing.Product250 TON Turn Down FixtureScopeThis fixture was designed to lift and turn down a fully assembled stator housing. The total weight of the fixture and stator was 250 metric tons. The fixture was designed using lightweight high strength material in some areas to cut weight as the crane capacity in the area was at its limit. The fixture would be assembled piece by piece onto the stator. The stator would be lifted and thenSEE DETAILS

Nitrogen Purging and Bottle Capping System

Nitrogen Purging and Bottle Capping System

Background:Design and Build of a table top Nitrogen bottle purging and capping system.ProductNitrogen Purging and Capping SystemScopeEnser worked with the company to design and build this custom transportable bottle machine. The system contains a linear slide for bottle transport from station to station and a linear cylinder to engage N2 and/or capper. Controls with a touch screen for adjustments and system monitoring.ResultCycle time improved by 35%.Non conformance reduced 50%.Labor reduced 23%.

transport skid

35 Ton Rotor Transport Skid

Background:Enser was tasked with the engineering, design and build including FE Analysis reports validating performance for safe functional operation, overhead lifting, and transportation.Product:35 Ton Rotor Transport SkidScope:This transport skid was designed and then validated  for performance of safe functional operation, overhead lifting, and transportation.  Lifting performance included lifting an entire transport skid and rotor system.  Lift testing of the unit was completed in its operating conditions at 125% capacity.Validation Criteria for Acceptable Overhead Lifting Performance while loaded: Compliance to ASME BTH-1, 2008 Validation Criteria for Acceptable Transportation Performance: Compliance to conditions defined by Federal Motor CarrierSEE DETAILS

Neurostar TMS Therapy System

 Background:Enser was tasked with development of dynamic systems and controls for an advanced energy system that was incorporated into a non-invasive therapy for chronic psychiatric and neurological disorders.ProductNeurostar TMS Therapy System for non-invasive therapeutic treatment of depression. ScopeThe technology used in the concept was converted to a detailed engineering design package; a working model was built for testing and design verification. The design consisted of a proprietary system to generate high intensity magnetic pulses capable of focused brain stimulation, and a head frame necessary to administer the therapy. The working modelSEE DETAILS

500 Ton Lifting Dome Fixture

500 Ton Lifting Dome Fixture

The Lifting fixture was designed per ANSI B30.20 Below-The-Hook Lifting Device specifications and required a Safety Factor of 3 based upon material yield strength at the fixtures rated load.

100 Ton Lifting Beam

100 Ton Lifting Beam

The beam complies with the ANSI-B 30-20 standard for Below-The-Hook lifting devices and was designed with one center lifting lug for use with 100 ton cranes. The beam length was 360 inches with 13 lifting holes on each side with a total maximum lifting weight of 100 tons.

construction safety

Cable Vault

Background:Tom Scannell, an 18-year ironworker member of Local 401 (Philadelphia) and local inventor, had an idea to design a product that could prevent the removal of cable clamps on safety cables. He knew the importance of maintaining the integrity of the perimeter cables on a job site, and the responsibility, man-hours and liability involved with maintaining the perimeter and interior safety cables.ProductCable VaultScopeEnser worked with Tom to re-design the concept and build the prototypes. He realized there was a great potential for the product to prevent incidents involving the alteration of safety cables. The cableSEE DETAILS

Hole Punch Machine

Automated Hole Punch Machine

Background:This unit was developed to automate a part loading and punching process currently performed manually.ProductAutomated Hole Punch MachineScopeEnser worked with the company to design, build and install this automated hole punch machine. The system punched 3 holes at once and had a 30 second cycle time which was a 75% time savings. The parts could be easily stacked on a lead in conveyor and where automatically guided into the system where the sensors identified the size of the part and then located it properly for punching. The installation of thisSEE DETAILS

DuPont FLEXO Film Machine

DuPont FLEXO Film Machine

Background: DuPont’s mission was to design and build a new “FLEXO” film machine that does not use the conventional chemical solvent or aqueous washout for removing the relief layer. Enser was assigned the tasks of engineering, designing and detailing under the direction of DuPont’s lead mechanical designer. Enser formed an internal team that included six machine designers, an industrial designer and two detailers. Product “FLEXO” Film Machine Scope Design decisions were made based on common engineering and design experiences; only key elements were analyzed using FEA (in Pro/MECHANICA). However, aSEE DETAILS

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