Protean Developing Autonomous Vehicle with Full Rotation Steering

Autonomous vehicles may be a lot closer than people think. They probably won’t be commercially available with the next couple of years, but they could be the transportation of the future, driving commuters to work, running errands for the lazy or busy and safely shipping drunks from the bar to the comfort of their own house.

There are a lot of questions people have about these autonomous vehicles, like for one what will they look like? Will they be similar to the machines we currently used to get ourselves from point A to point B? Protean Electric an automotive technology company may have an answer. They’re aiming to change the game by redefining the auto’s wheelbase.

The “global intelligence mobility market” is estimated to reach a mind boggling 1 trillion dollars in just 6 years according to Protean.  They plan to cash in on some of this money by developing a new wheelbase that provides full rotation around the wheel’s vertical axis as well as integrated steering and obedient kneeling.

A ProteanDrive hub motor with a mini double wishbone suspension connected to a 360 degree rotation steering arm could provide all these impressive features in one simple package. As announced by Protean, a Protean Pd18 unit will power each ProteanDrive, capable of providing each wheelbase with 107HP of torque.

Protean hasn’t announced a price for the ProteanDrive yet, but with the 1 trillion dollar market cap approaching in 2025, Protean should be giving more details about the ProteanDrive soon.

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