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Enser Tasked to Support OEM’s Need to Increase Medical PPE Materials Production to Meet Demand

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the engineering and medical sectors have been seeing a huge influx in the demands put upon them since the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. If your business is remotely involved in the production of PPE, there isn’t much way you haven’t noticed. The coronavirus has created a crisis; PPE has spiked in demand and even industry giants are not always prepared to meet the customer need. In comes Micropore, a global leader in key materials needed in PPE ventilators.

Boosting Micropore’s Production of PPE Materials

Enser understood from the beginning this went beyond just a business opportunity; PPE saves lives and is especially necessary for hospitals workers and among those in other essential services.

We’re proud to have been contracted by Micropore in these times that have pushed even many of the pros beyond capacity.


One of Micropore’s key products is CO2 adsorbent and this was the focus of our contract. The production of this SpiraLith® CO2 absorbent product line is growing quickly. SpiraLith® Absorbent is the most efficient absorbent available and is the only anesthesia absorbent with a color indicator window to guide canister replacement. SpiraLith® Absorbent is used to support surgical procedures and is one key element in the PPE supply chain and we were tasked with helping Micropore meet the spike in material demand.

Micropore tasked Enser with increasing the production of their existing equipment by 200% in 6 weeks in order to meet the pandemic’s demands.


This task was complex, requiring:


– Existing equipment to be upgraded for increased production

– Certain sections of the relevant machines to be totally redesigned

– All of the above to be completed on schedule


Micropore’s products are necessary for the fire-fighting, medical, dive, submarine, and military markets too. Error was not in the cards; delays or other production issues could exacerbate what was (and still is) in many regions a PPE shortage and could have literally cost lives.

Rising to the Occasion

ENSER’s been in business for 72 years; our engineering and manufacturing staff are second to none, with over 1,400,000 project hours on record. Micropore’s demands were met on schedule and up to the high standards medical equipment requires. Our company can, in short, dramatically help your company ramp up production in any of a myriad of fields.


Among our competencies are:


– Mechanical engineering

– Manufacturing

– Tooling

– Machine design


We can even help you find engineering staff candidates! As one of the top engineering temp agencies, run by some of the world’s top engineers, we know talent and can find you your next product engineer, gear expert, or whatever else you’re looking for.

Enser Can Help You Too

There’s no shame in your business not being fully prepared for COVID-19; practically nobody was ready for the impact of the pandemic.

Enser has a record of getting things done on time, on budget, and up to our client’s standards. If you’d like us to get on board and start helping your company today, we’d love to hear from you.

If your business is involved in the production of PPE, or even just has otherwise been faced with unique manufacturing challenged in these unique times, contact us!

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