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There are turbines that resemble trees, and turbines that resemble donuts, and now there are turbines that resemble… sticks. A Spanish company has designed tall, narrow pillars that generate vortexes around their circumference, bending the structures back and forth. As the pillars oscillate, embedded magnets convert the movement to electricity. The Verge points out that the towers capture 30% less power than a similarly-sized bladed turbine, but the lack of moving parts and gears vastly simplifies their construction and maintenance costs.

Type of position: 6 month to 1 year contract Rate range: $60-$80/hr range depending on experience. Specific Accountabilities:
  • Modify or create PLC programs to meet changing process/production needs
  • Provide training to electronic technicians on all new systems/controls
  • Support other locations as required
Required Skills and Experience:
  • Demonstrated ability to write and modify PLC programs and provide guidance to shop floor technicians in implementing changes,Ability to utilize shift registers for product tracking, Direct experience with Allen Bradley PLC family including Micro Logix, Compact Logix and Control Logix
  • Practical, but creative engineering approach with at least 8 years of experience in electrical engineering roles within a manufacturing process
  • Results oriented individual unafraid of utilizing a hands-on approach when needed, with the ability to lead sub-groups, task forces or teams to effectively solve machinery problems ranging from simple (slight modification/addition of single component) to complex (total re-design) on high speed, high volume machinery
  • Demonstrated ability to work with cross functional teams as either a contributor or a leader
Specific technical needs for this position:
  • Allen Bradley 1394 experience with GML programming and troubleshooting
  • Programming Allen Bradley PLC 5, Logix 5000 PLC’s and 5000 Safety PLC’s
  • Experience programming and troubleshooting Logix 5000 motion (Servos)
  • Experience programming and troubleshooting Allen Bradley Ultra 3000 & 5000 servos
  • Experience with high speed machinery, up to 1800 parts per minute
  • Experience with high speed vision systems
  • Experience with ControlNet, Ethernet I/P, DeviceNet, DataHighway and Remote I/O
  • Allen Bradley PanelView 1200e, 1400e & PanelView Plus. Experience converting PanelView 1400e to PanelView Plus
  • Experience upgrading older control systems and servo systems to Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC with Kinetix servos
  • Wonderware InTouch, Historian, System Platform, Information Server & reporting services

Location: Upstate, NY Length of Assignment: 7-8 months (Could potentially go longer) Rate range: 60-70 Hour Start date: Immediate Description:
  • Program project manager coordinates the execution of a program/project by generating and updating gantt charts
  • Has knowledge of Creo
  • Well rounded electromechanical product background
  • Coordinating meetings
  • Capturing and tracking action items
  • Generates reports for management

Location: NE Philadelphia Description
  • Design, test and assess power conversion devices and systems with power ratings up to 80KW
  • Work with Project engineers to serve as the technical lead on complex development or product support engineering jobs
  • Direct the design of new adaptations of modifications to existing products, from inception through pilot production, to meet customers’ requirements and to meeting quality and cost requirements
  • Perform analytical and design effort for new product developments
  • Prepare test programs for product analysis to new standards/conditions, or established guidelines
  • Develop engineering proposals from in-house concepts or from information gained from customers’ specifications
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering required
  • Working knowledge of applicable military and civilian standards and/or regulations
  • Experience in mechanical, electro-mechanical or electronic designs
  • Power Conversion experience(3phase power)
  • Digital Control Design
  • Matlab Modeling experience
  • Working knowledge of C sharp software
  • Power Electronics and power conversion experience with power levels exceeding 50KW
  • Working knowledge of modeling principles, simulation and design of digital control systems pertinent to electric power conversion
  • Familiar with analog, digital, and power electronic hardware design
  • Familiar with circuit topologies for power rectifiers and inverters
  • Experience with data acquisition, control signals, software interface
  • Experience with EDA tools such as PSpice, Matlab, LabView, PADS and/or ORCAD
  • Familiar with PCB design capture and fabrication
  • Motor drive experience
  • Embedded software experience

Traditional food purveyors Hershey and the Culinary Institute of America take a step into the future, experimenting with 3-D food printing. From Hershey Park to Hyde Park, Bloomberg’s Ramy Inocencio goes into special labs and kitchens to see the 3-D printed food we may be eating in the near future.

A company called MX3D plans to use robots to ‘draw’ a bridge into midair over an Amsterdam canal.