We Design Solutions To Solve Your Complex Engineering Problems

Understanding Your Engineering Needs
Chances are you have identified a process or system that is preventing you to increase efficiency, causing delayed projects and reduced productivity. But what do you do? Who do you call to help you design solutions and solve a complex engineering problem while increasing productivity and profitability?

Our client had a unique need for a next generation testing system to test multiple hoist units (of various types and specifications) with minimum change over. This requirement presented a remarkable challenge that just added to each project’s timeline and budget.

ENSER Corp’s engineering team designed a Universal Automatic Test System (UATS) capable of testing the functionality across 38 different configurations. The system has the capability of operating hydraulic, DC and 400Hz AC powered hoists in a cost effective, consistent and timely manner. The test devices contain an automatic unit identification and universal loading system, control software with embedded acceptance procedures and operational safety limits.

We have worked with Enser for ten years. They are our ONLY mechanical engineering resource. If you find what works, why go anywhere else? John Barone, President, JGB Consulting

  • Rugged frame suitable for a multitude of test conditions
  • Electro-Mechanical take-up system (providing tension load)
  • Hydraulic Power Unit (for UUT function)
  • Rotary Encoder (for measuring cable speed)
  • Force Cell (for measuring load)
  • Electrically interlocked guarding system for protection
  • UUT mounting (accommodating various mounting configurations)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Pneumatically-shifted transmission for load drive system
  • Cable management improvements for preventing cable misalignment
Hoist Universal Automatic Test System designed by ENSER engineering services since 1947

Hoist Universal Automatic Test System (HUATS)

Providing Design Solutions to Engineering Challenges
ENSER’s design provided a simplified test system solution with a combined control and measurement console and text fixture, which enabled our client to complete each test in a fraction of the time currently needed, reduced cost per test, and reduce operator input and possible errors with defined and embedded protocols, which included:
  • Operation manual with calibration and maintenance instructions
  • OEM manuals
  • Software description manual, test flow charts and build instructions
  • Schematics
  • Integrated ATP/Engineering operation modes

Control & Test System Description
  • The PC Control System: The controller provides oversight capabilities over the measurement, stimulus and power to the controls console.
  • The Data Acquisition Unit: Measures Tension, Hydraulic PSI and Flow, and temperature readings. All DC and AC measurements are better than 0.1% of full scale range.
  • Motion/Tension Controller: Sets Load applied to the UUT and sets the UUT’s cable velocity, tracks the cable position and safeguards the system. Software is written voiding any jerking motion.
  • Emergency PLC: The test system has a PLC to monitor safety issues. A red flashing light on top of fixture indicates Emergency mode for four emergency buttons.
  • Strain Gauge and Amp: For measuring force. Amp is digitally configured and calibrated.

The Test Stand has hydraulics for driving the UUT and a 30 HP servo load motor with gear box and solenoid-shifted transmission. The HMI is an industrial computer with touch screen monitor, rugged keyboard and mouse. The UUT communications cable identifies which ATP will be executed or listed in a menu for the operator to select. PSI, Tension, Position (length of cable), Velocity of cable and temperature will be monitored and displayed. One moveable infrared temperature sensor is used to measure spot temperature. ATS has a smart as well as a switched emergency shut down system. The stand is ergonomically designed allowing the easiest mounting possible for each UUT.

The Test System executes the test from a GUI interface using LabView. There are (2) modes of operation: Operator and Administrator (for adding users). There are four software programs: Motion Controller Program, ATP Software, Emergency PLR and a 400Hz Measurement PLR. The MCP controls the UUT Motor and the tension applied to the UUT via servo motor systems. The ATP commands the MCP and sets up the DAQ to scan the strain gauge and temperature thermocouples. The ATP also displays Force, velocity and cable distance during every Test. The MCP reports load, distance and velocity.

ENSER’s commitment to providing complex engineering and design solutions for maximum performance, in terms of operating environments, time and budget constraints, are at the core of our engineering services divisions.

So when your budgets and project timelines are not being met due to antiquated and ineffective systems or manual processes, rest assured that ENSER Corp. has over 70 years of engineering expertise, in a number of different industries, in solving complex problems that affect your productivity and bottom line.