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Neurostar TMS Therapy System

EngineeringOur Work
Background on the Neurostar TMS Therapy System:

Enser was tasked with development of dynamic systems and controls for an advanced energy system that was incorporated into a non-invasive therapy for chronic psychiatric and neurological disorders.


Neurostar TMS Therapy System for non-invasive therapeutic treatment of depression.


The technology used in the concept was converted to a detailed engineering design package; a working model was built for testing and design verification. The design consisted of a proprietary system to generate high intensity magnetic pulses capable of focused brain stimulation, and a head frame necessary to administer the therapy. The working model was subjected to a series of tests to simulate its operational environment. The system testing included a control console, and proprietary Flux Magnification TM technology generated powerful focused magnetic pulses at high frequency for penetration of the skull and stimulation of the left prefrontal cortex.
The centerpiece was a specially engineered and fabricated magnet/pulse therapy coil, precisely positioned against the patient’s head. It then administered targeted magnetic pulses stimulating brain cells and alleviating the symptoms of depression. The device is ergonomically sleek and aesthetically pleasing and a completely self contained unit.


Enser performed the manufacturing and performance monitoring of 30 test units providing project management, configuration management, reliability analysis, engineering retrofit improvements and quality assurance. Enser also maintained a complete FDA Quality Control documentation package for manufacture and maintenance of 30 units deployed for FDA clinical trials.

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