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Level 3 Communications

Origins of Level 3 Communications:
Now know as CenturyLink, Level 3 Communications started as a subsidiary of Peter Kiewit Son’s Inc called Kiewit Diversified Group. In 1998 it changed its name to Level 3 communications as it narrowed its focus to communication services. In 2016 they were bought by CenturyLink. They currently provide core transport, IP, voice, video and content delivery for Internet Carriers in Europe, North America and some cities in Asia.

Since 1947, Enser has been a leader in serving the Engineering and Manufacturing Industries.  Whether simple or complex, we can Design, Manufacture, Fabricate and specify your tooling requirements.  Our competitive edge is derived from our ability to deliver technology, performance, quality, cost, reliability, all from a single source. We are your complete Engineering Turnkey Service Company. Enser’s manufacturing resources, experienced project managers and network of domestically based manufacturing partners assures successful fabrication of parts or build of complex machinery for both Enser designed and customer designed projects. Allow Enser to show you just how diverse of a portfolio we have:

Below are just a few things that we have excelled in manufacturing:
  • Paper VATs

  • Combustion Engines

  • Film Machines

  • Gas Turbines

  • Power Rollers

  • Rescue Hoists

  • Testing Systems

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Would you like to talk to us? Shoot us an email at You can also call us at (877) 367-3770. Enser can help you with anything from engineering services, to manufacturing, to even connecting job seekers to your open positions. We look forward to hearing how we can help you too.