Senior Manufacturing Engineer

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ENSER Corporation

Position Summary:

Performs engineering work varied in nature and complexity encompassing planning, evaluating, designing, developing and adapting tools, machines, mechanically functioning equipment and mechanical industrial processes for the purpose of increasing productivity, enhancing quality and reducing manufacturing costs (i.e., the optimum use of workers, machines, materials and facilities).  Works closely with other engineers, manufacturing personnel and Quality Assurance to achieve optimum manufacturing objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

  • Makes mathematically/mechanical computations and independent analyses applying scientific and engineering principles and practices as required.
  • Directly responsible for the engineering and related functions of his/her assigned manufacturing operation(s) including:
  1. The setup and maintenance of labor standards, manufacturing and process documentation.
  2. Methods, processes and procedures analysis and work simplification techniques;
  3. Designing and managing the procurement of tools, fixtures and gauging;
  4. Controlling NC/CNC functions, including programming, setup sheets and DNC systems and all other interacting projects as well as the training of operators and others;
  5. Preparation and maintenance of Bill of Materials and Time & Work Reporting;
  6. Analyzing and processing engineering change requests;
  7. Plant, machinery, equipment, assembly layouts;
  8. Troubleshooting technically challenging problems (machinery, equipment, processes); and
  9. Analyzing for improvement to labor, manufacturing costs, variances and margins.
  • Initiates cost reduction proposals and investigates proposals from other sources. Compiles appropriate information, makes recommendations for action, implements (if appropriate) and checks on results obtained.
  • Initiates appropriation requests for major projects. Establishes systems for control of project progress, time schedules and costs.  In conjunction with Accounting, prepares post project completion audits. 
  • Directs and/or oversees cost reduction and product/process improvement projects as assigned.
  • Renders technical service to all other departments as requested and/or assigned.
  • Handles quoting and processing new products and prototypes.
  • Establishes engineering and equipment standards for efficient application of resources and maintains records and files.
  • May schedule, assign and direct the work of lower-level employees.

Minimum Education/Experience Required:

A BS degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field.  Must have a comprehensive knowledge of engineering principles, methods and various processes, tools and related manufacturing equipment.  Must have ten (10) years experience in bearing manufacturing or in related/equivalent manufacturing arena (grinding, turning, cutting, milling

NC/CNC machinery (and programming languages), and CAD/CAM. Must have a strong understanding of GD&T. Able to effectively work in an environment requiring considerable independent judgment, analysis, creativity, pragmatism and self-motivation.  Refers to supervisor for clarification of priorities, objectives or policies.  Able to effectively operate with considerable latitude for unreviewed action and decision-making and accountability for outcomes.  Able to communicate effectively (orally and in writing).  Ability to work across organization lines, interact with others.

Manufacturing Engineers/Process Engineers below senior

Note:   A manufacturing engineer and process engineer share similar education, experience and job duties, however, in some operations process engineering is split off from manufacturing engineering with the process engineer (a.k.a. routing engineers) specializing in specific elements of this job.  Furthermore, manufacturing engineers may specialize in certain aspects of the manufacturing process (e.g., grinding or machine/tool designing or tape making).  To progress from level to level requires the incumbent mastering an ever-expanding breadth in experience, knowledge, ability, adaptability, responsibility/accountability, not simply time on the job and working within one specialty.


Level I

  • BSME – zero or three years relevant experience or Technical Associates Degree/Apprenticeship Graduate and six to eight years directly relatable or equivalent experience.
  • Works under direct supervision. Breadth of tasks limited.  Simpler phases of engineering projects requiring less evaluation, analysis and ingenuity.  Performs more detailed or routine engineering assignments.  Gathers, correlates, analyzes basic engineering data.


Level II

  • BSME plus three to five years relevant experience or Technical Associates Degree/Apprenticeship Graduate plus eight to ten years or more directly related or equivalent experience.
  • Works under general supervision. Some latitude for unreviewed action/decision making.
  • Work assignments more varied and difficult in character. Recommends substantial changes in methods, processes, machinery or equipment.
  • Higher degree of evaluations, analyses, originality and ingenuity required.


Level III

  • BSME plus five to eight years relevant experience or Technical Associates Degree/Apprenticeship Graduate plus twelve or more years of directly relatable/equivalent experience.
  • Works under minimal supervision. Appreciable latitude for unreviewed actions or decisions.
  • Work assignments varied and difficult in nature. Recommends and/or makes major changes in methods, processes, machinery or equipment.
  • Demonstrable abilities to analyze, evaluate and conceive original approaches.
  • Plans, designs and develops manufacturing projects (normally several smaller or less important projects or one major project).