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Origin of Siemens Westinghouse:
Siemens, a global electrical and electronics firm in the 90’s,  purchased Westinghouse’s Power Generation Business Unit in 1997. In addition, Albert Hoser, president and CEO of New York-based Siemens Corp was recalled stating that “Siemens and Westinghouse are two of the most respected names in electrical engineering. This combination of resources will most certainly strengthen the technological offerings and service capabilities that we will be able to bring to customers around the world.” After that, the new conglomerate went on to build out their power generation program.

Siemens Westinghouse designs, manufactures and services a variety of power generation tools. Some of these tools include both combustion and steam turbine generators.However, that is not all they create.
Siemens-WestinghouseIn addition to building generators, they build power plants. After that, they can also service and operate the plants that are built. Because of this, power producers have an outlet for their needs. Additionally, Siemens supplies equipment and services to industrial customers. In conclusion, Siemens Westinghouse is important in the power industry. Enser helps Siemens and other companies with their tooling needs. 

How Enser Helps Companies Like Siemens Westinghouse
Enser’s experience as an engineering company positions us to provide high quality solutions. Companies like Siemens have large projects that need extensive tooling and fabrication needs. Because of this, Enser helps these large projects stand up and become successful. We have over 70 years of industry experience. Enser has positioned itself as the go-to for many large companies like this. You can learn more about Enser here

Click here to see a project that Enser worked on for a power generation company. Essentially, we had created power rollers for a 300 ton generator. View our products and projects page!

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Customers, Press Releases

Breeze-Eastern designs and manufactures hoists for rescue, cargo hooks, winches, and weapons handling systems. Military and civilian operators need many of these tools to make impossible missions possible.

Enser and Breeze-Eastern have been around of over 70 years and have both made themselves industry leaders with a reputation for technical innovation and product quality within their respective industries. The tier 2 company has lead the technology for helicopter rescue hoists and cargo winches. Enser continues to succeed in helping these tier 2 engineering companies succeed.

Today, Breeze-Eastern is the world’s largest OEM cargo hook. In fact, their hooks have a payload range of 1,500 to 36,000 pounds. Enser has expanded our help through industries ranging from aerospace and defense, to paper and pulp. We succeed when you succeed. Enser expands when you expand. For a lfist of products and services that help tier 2 companies succeed, click here

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Since 1947, Enser has been a leader in serving the Engineering and Manufacturing Industries.  Whether simple or complex, we can Design, Manufacture, Fabricate and specify your tooling requirements.  Our competitive edge is derived from our ability to deliver technology, performance, quality, cost, reliability, all from a single source. We are your complete Engineering Turnkey Service Company. Enser’s manufacturing resources, experienced project managers and network of domestically based manufacturing partners assures successful fabrication of parts or build of complex machinery for both Enser designed and customer designed projects. Allow Enser to show you just how diverse of a portfolio we have:

Below are just a few things that we have excelled in manufacturing:
  • Paper VATs

  • Combustion Engines

  • Film Machines

  • Gas Turbines

  • Power Rollers

  • Rescue Hoists

  • Testing Systems

  • View More

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Agilent Technologies is an American public R and D and manufacturing company. Agilent was established in 1999 by off-shooting from Hewlett-Packard. The IPO of Agilent stock was the largest in the history of Silicon Valley in 1999.

ENSER Corporation has been around for over 70 years providing engineering services, turnkey manufacturing and engineering staffing to companies just like Agilent. View more of our engineering services here.


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